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First Joplin Park Pop-Ups a Success

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The Design Team from Landworks Studio met with 30+ parkgoers on Oct. 13

Jenna from Landworks Studio is giving out free t-shirts, gathering feedback and sharing project information with a parent attending a soccer game at Hershewe Soccer Complex. (seen above)

"Thank you for taking the time to come get our input, it's really great that you're doing this."

The Goal

These pop-ups served to kick off our public engagement process for the master plan. Landworks staff visited four different parks over the course of an entire day to meet park users, promote the master plan process, and collect input from citizens on what they hope to see more of in their park system. Landworks staff employed an informal visual survey wherein park users where asked to vote on which three of the following elements they are most excited about seeing in Joplin parks: walking trails, biking amenities, shelters and picnic areas, improved landscaping, more programs, improved aquatics, improved community centers, improved sports fields, outdoor fitness, outdoor games, playgrounds, and improved sport courts.

Summary of Feedback

Mercy Park: 8:30-10:00am

Participants: 2 park users (Daniel and Pat)

  • They spoke of several lost parks such as one that may have been located at the intersection of

  • 4th Street and Byers Avenue, as well as the former Electric Park, an amusement park once

  • located within Schifferdecker Park. They spoke fondly of the rides and amenities.

  • They thought that splash pads could be a way the city could easily expand its aquatic offerings.

  • They both really enjoy the McClelland Park disc golf course.

  • They regularly visit Cunningham Park and cited it as the city’s oldest park.

  • They indicated that Landreth Park has nice trails but needs more landscaping.

Cunningham Park: 10:00-11:30am

Participants: 11 park users (Norman, Terrance, Rick, Dennis, Pamela, Jessica, Erica, Brianna, Pat, Barbara, Phyllis)

  • Multiple participants said their top priority was accessibility, including ADA compliance, accessible shelters, activities, walkways, and connecting sidewalks.

  • Folks expressed desires for better trails: both between and within parks.

  • Multiple young families stated a need for more affordable programs for kids, specifically from lower income families.

  • One couple felt that the City could provide a greater police presence or more security. They had seen suspicious people hanging around the park and at times had felt unsafe.

  • One participant indicated a desire for tennis or disc golf in the park.

Parr Hill Park: 1:30-3:00pm

Participants: 1 community member (Aldo)

  • Participant was a father of 2 young kids. He had recently relocated his family from Southern

  • California to Joplin to escape the economic and educational hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • He wanted more adult fitness areas for parents, such as himself, and splash pads for kids.

  • He likes the neighborhood parks.

Hershewe Soccer Complex: 5:00-6:30pm

Participants: 11 park users (Richard, and many other anonymous soccer parents)

  • One father spoke about how much he loves the annual daddy-daughter dance but wished that there was a similar option for mothers and sons

  • Another father spoke about how much he loved Lincoln Park because of the big trees and ample shade. He also stated a desire for more indoor basketball options. He mentioned that the outdoor court at Cunningham is always busy and how he had been harassed by players their before; described the environment there as hostile. He felt that a greater police presence at Cunningham would cut down on that problem.

  • Another father said his top priority would be to add recycling receptacles at all parks.

  • Lots of parents expressed desire for more outdoor games and walking trails at parks.

Visual Preference Survey Voting Results:

  • walking trails – 8 (11%)

  • biking amenities – 9 (12%)

  • shelters and picnic areas – 4 (5%)

  • improved landscaping – 4 (5%)

  • more programs – 5 (7%)

  • improved aquatics – 8 (11%)

  • improved community centers – 5 (7%)

  • improved sports fields - 4 (5%)

  • outdoor fitness – 8 (11%)

  • outdoor games – 11 (15%)

  • playgrounds – 5 (6%)

  • improved sport courts - 4 (5%)

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